Advertising at its best

Advertising can come in many shapes and sizes, especially in printed materials. You can choose from a roster of products that would surely give your advertising a boost from small business cards to large format printing. From postcards, to brochures, to flyers, and posters, everything can be of use to your company and cater to your specific needs. If you would want to use printed materials indeed, then you must choose the most effective of all, and the one that best fits your specific need. Read more “BETTER ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES WITH LARGE FORMAT PRINTING”

Uses Of A Large Format Printer

Some wide format printers are capable of printing posters up to 58 inches wide. Large format printers like these give you the ability to increase printing sizes by just half an inch. You literally have hundreds of print sizes to choose from allowing you to print small photos to gigantic posters. For this reason, wide format inkjet printers have a huge advantage compared to regular sized printers which have very limited print size. Read more “Uses Of A Large Format Printer”

Large Format Printing

So what exactly is Large Format Printing anyways?

Printing on paper, vinyl and textiles, this format printer handles media up to three meters wide. Its eight inkjets can be configured for fast printing (two jets per CMYK color) or eight colors for more realism. True to it’s name, Large format printing (also known as “wide format printing”) is. Read more “Large Format Printing”